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Saltstraumen DiveCamp
8056 Saltstraumen
Phone: (+47) 922 60 560
Fax: (+47) 755 87 540


Geir Nyheim: Owner and MSD

Geir is a sertified MSD, and a enthusiastic diver. He also run`s PlusCamp Saltstraumen. 

Phone: (+47) 75 58 75 60

  Geir Nyheim Saltstraumen DykkeCamp  

Fredric Ihrsen: MI Inst/Guide and daily manager

Fredric works full time as an instructor year around, and is the daily manager at the divecamp.


Phone: (+47) 922 60 560. 

Fredric Ihrsen Saltstraumen DykkeCamp

Jonny Leonhardsen: MSDT/Guide

Jonny has been diving for over 20 years, and is highly  experienced with guiding in Saltstraumen.

Phone: (+47) 94 18 42 23

  Jonny Leonhardsen Saltstraumen DykkeCamp  

Arnfinn Olsen: DM/CMAS inst/Guide

Arnfinn has many years of guiding and diving exprience in Saltstraumen.

Arnfinn Olsen Saltstraumen DykkeCamp

Trond Løkås: DM/Guide

Trond has also many years of experience with diving and guiding in Saltstraumen.

  Trond Løkås  

Widar Waleniussen: OWSI/Guide

Our new Instructor who dive in Saltstraumen all the time.

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