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Northern Rockling - Ciliata septentrionalis

Photo and text: Vebjørn Karlsen

This is a slightly mysterious fish and not very much is known about it. It is mostly found between 10 and 50 m but have been fished up from 90 m as well. It is a slow moving fish, a rather weak swimmer, and the main food is crustaceans and other soft bodied invertebrates and molluscs. It spawns in deeper water.

The head of the Northern Rockling is relatively large and it has one barbell on the lower jaw and four on the snout. It also has three little barbells on the upper lip. It can grow to around 20 cm.

I have only found this fish in Oksebåsen, at 10 m, among the kelp. 

Photo Vebjørn Karlsen, Saltstraumen DykkeCamp

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