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Saltstraumen DiveCamp
8056 Saltstraumen
Phone: (+47) 922 60 560
Fax: (+47) 755 87 540


Foto: Vebjørn Karlsen

Oksebåsen – crevice worth visiting

Oksebåsen, (the bull’s stall) has one very special and memorable feature and that is the crevice that goes from the surface all the way down to the bottom, 60 meters down. The walls and the crevice are covered with colourful life all the way down. At 27 meter there is a boulder stuck in the crevice worth having a look at. Try to see the Neanderthal face in it. Besides the huge shoals of fishes above you, you will also find almost every little small creature living in Saltstraumen at this dive site. But be aware of the current especially if you start moving away from the crevice. A word of advice, you do not want to be here when the current is going in.

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