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Starry skate - Raja radiata

Photo and text: Vebjørn Karlsen

Starry skate – Raja radiata, can be found all along the norwegian coast and is the most commonly found skate. It lives on all kinds of bottom and eat all kinds of bottom animals. You can found it in shallow water but it also known to been fished out of1.000 m depths. It likes cold water and can even survive in saltwater down to -1,7 degrees. 
The starry skate is a rather small skate, up to 2 kg, and to protect itself it can roll up into a ball. It is not commonly found in Saltstraumen but if you go diving in Ersvika or Mørkvedbukta you might be lucky and found one.

Kloskate Foto Vebjørn Karlsen Saltstraumen DykkeCamp

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