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Saltstraumen DiveCamp
8056 Saltstraumen
Phone: (+47) 922 60 560
Fax: (+47) 755 87 540


A Geological Gem in Åselistraumen

To visit Åselistraumen just 7 min drive from Saltstraumen is a chance to explore and learn how a glacier moves. Here just of the road 17 you can clearly see signs and remains after a glacier from the last Ice Age. By using your Smart Phone and a QR reader you can follow a geological walk and learn more. Pictures and information from the University in Nordland guides you thorough its history.

Åselistraumen Foto Fredric Ihrsen Saltstraumen DykkeCamp   Sigdbrudd Åselistraumen Foto Fredric Ihrsen Saltstraumen DykkeCamp   Åselistraumen Saltstraumen DykkeCamp

Here you can down load Rikke Lünells "A Geological Treasure by the Åseli stream", to take with you when exploring. 

Geologisk Perle Rikke Lunell Saltstraumen DykkeCamp

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