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Stalked Jellyfishes – Staurozoa

Photo and text: Vebjørn Karlsen

Not all jellyfishes are swimming in the free water, or even want to, the stalked jellyfish is attached to the bottom all life. Well not truly attached since they can crawl a little.

You will mostly find them attached to a rock or an algae and not easily found in the current. They prefer slow moving water and are found in the shallow water. Up here they might be found at Tuvjsyen. They eat different kinds of amphipods.

Sexually mature Stalked jellyfish let their eggs and sperms out in the free water and fertilize. The result is a small larva that crawls across the sea floor until it founds a suitable place to develop into a new stalked jellyfish.

Camera: Nikon D700 Lens: 60 mm macro. Two flashes.

Begermanet, Foto av Vebjørn Karlsen, Saltstraumen DykkeCamp


Begermanet, Foto av Vebjørn Karlsen, Saltstraumen DykkeCamp

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