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Yarrell's blenny- Chirolophis ascani

Photo and text: Vebjørn Karlsen

Yarrell's blenny lives among algeas and like hard bottom and rocks. In the corner in Oksebåsen we have a crack, that goes from the surface all the way down to the bottom at 60 meters, and here you can found this little fish at around 10 to 30 meters.

Yarrell's blenny has very distinct bushy tentacles above each eye  and it has an eel-like body. It can grow up to 25 cm. The male blenny has additional bushy tentacles on the front of the dorsal fin. This blenny has a more northern distribution and can be found up here in Saltstraumen.

Camera: Nikon D700, Lenses 105 mm macro.  Two flashes.

Hornkvabbe, Vebjørn Karlsen, Saltstraumen DykkeCamp
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