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Saltstraumen DiveCamp
8056 Saltstraumen
Phone: (+47) 922 60 560
Fax: (+47) 755 87 540


Foto: Vebjørn Karlsen

Tunnelen – dive through the Ice Age’s geology

During the Ice Age there was enormous forces in place. Here in Saltstraumen you can see evidence of this on almost every dive site, but maybe this one is the most memorable. Here rocks got stuck and from the forces of water started spinning and drilled a hole through a ledge, and you can dive through this history. The pothole, as it is called starts at 31 meter and going straight up ending at 25 meter. The tunnel is covered with anemones.

On an outgoing current you will have a big chance to come face to face with some huge wolf fishes, lying on the bottom. The walls are covered with Dead Man’s Fingers and above, you have an amazing kelp forests. Watch out for the current when you get to the white sand dune, here the current can push you up or just whirl you round a little if you are not prepared. If you are lucky you can get some really good speed on this dive.

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