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Saltstraumen DiveCamp
8056 Saltstraumen
Phone: (+47) 922 60 560
Fax: (+47) 755 87 540


Foto: Vebjørn Karlsen

Saltstraumen has a unique fauna and fish life - a heaven for underwater photographers with both macro and wide-angle possibilities

As the tidal water passes the narrow and shallow straight every sixth hour it pushes rich nutrients up from the deep sea floor. This gives Saltstraumen a unique underwater biotope and you can expect a huge diversity and quantity of marine life.

Saltstraumen has the world’s strongest tidal current and it can reach up to 26 knots. This creates the famous Maelstrom and it’s whirlpools. The combination of speed and the unique marine life creates an amazing dive environment. But the strong currents and the great depths make this a demanding dive environment. We have dive sites that any person can dive, but to appreciate the more amazing dives you need to have some experience as a diver, good buoyancy control and be comfortable in a dry suit.

The visibility is usually very good, especially in the beginning and the end of the season. In February/March and september/october we can have up to 60 meters. The visibility varies in the summer season, but is still usually good, and the kelp forrest`s and anemones are in full bloom.

Protect the Wolf Eel

The current turns

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